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Water Fasting: How-to, Benefits, Risks & Everything You Need to Know

water fasting

Fasting has been around since ancient times and has grown increasingly popular with the latest fad diets and quick fix healing modalities. Fasting has been known to improve health, lose weight, boost energy levels and even enhance spiritual awareness. From juice fasts with fruits and vegetables to intermittent fasting, the types of fasting are endless. […]


Acid Rain Algae Aquifers Arctic Haze Bacteria Bottled Water Campylobacter Canadian Prairie Drinking Water Cholera Cleaning Up After Pollution Contaminants Regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and their Health Effects Conventional Water Treatment: Coagulation and Filtration Cost-Benefit Analysis: Treat the Illness or Treat the Water? Coxsackie B Virus The Cree Language Cryptosporidium Disease Causing […]

iWP Clean Water Scholarship

Water Purification Advice is a charity with the primary purpose of finding and extending treatment and preventative solutions to make surface and ground water safe for human consumption in rural areas around the world. Our mission To promote safe drinking water through supporting innovative R&D; increase awareness of health concerns from consumption of poor quality […]

How to Purify Water: Scientifically Proven Water Purification Methods

Water purification is a procedure, whereby contaminants are removed or destroyed from water, to make it suitable for drinking by humans. These contaminants may be solid waste, chemicals or microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses or fungi. The aim of water purification is to remove both solid suspended particles and dissolved or particulate contaminants. In this […]

Owner’s Guide: How Long Should a Garbage Disposal Last?

When you are buying a garbage disposal, you take into consideration various factors. First, it has to be effective so you never have to worry about proper waste management and disposal. In addition, the device has to be durable so as to last long (preferably over a decade). But since a garbage disposal has to take […]

Dangers of Garbage Disposal: Is a Garbage Disposal in a Sink as dangerous as it seems?

Many individuals often ask the question “Is a garbage disposal in a sink as dangerous as it seems?” A garbage disposal is thought to be dangerous due to the grinding parts (such as blades) it comes with. But, no, it isn’t as harmful or dangerous as it seems. Most of these units on the market […]

Clogged Garbage Disposal: How Do You Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal?

There is no doubt that a working garbage disposal is a useful device to have in your kitchen. It is a perfect way to eliminate food waste. However, this system often clogs from time to time and might require lots of work to relieve the issue. The good news is that it is a quick and easy […]

How to Filter Water for Maximum Safety

It is a necessity to have safe, clean, and healthy water. As a human right, water is vital to our survival. If you need to know how to filter water, this article is for you. In our advanced and modern times, we have found ways to ensure that clean water can be a possibility; however, […]